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What is FireBlok


This product is to be used inside metal electrical boxes to maintain the integrity of the fire rated wall assemblies, limiting the passage of flames and limiting the temperature rise of unexposed surfaces.

Use & Performance:

The FireBløk Gasket is used as a fire stop in an electrical box to maintain fire-resistant ratings of wall assemblies and for electrical boxes on opposite sides of the wall less than 24” apart.

 Applicable Standards: ATSM E-814-10 Standard Method for Fire Tests of Through-Penetration Fire Stops. UL- ANSI/UL 263 (US) and CAN/ULC-S101 (Canada) as listed in the guide information for CLIV and CLIV7.

 The FireBløk Gasket is certified for 1 hr & 2 hr U300, U400, V400 and U411 wall assemblies with metal electrical boxes and plastic or metal cover plates.

 Electrical Boxes must be clean and free of oil, loose dirt, rust or scale. Installation, storage and in-service temperatures must be below 130 degrees f (54 degrees C), no drying or cure time required.

 Remove protective liner from adhesive tape on back of gasket; align edge of gasket to top of box and center gasket. Note: Installation of FireBlok Gasket must comply with the national electrical code (NFPA no.70) to allow access to the ground screw.

 Align the holes in gasket over the center and/or oval raised ground screw hole/holes on the back of the electrical box

 Press gasket firmly against back of inside wall of electrical box. Note: Once the gasket is pressed in place, the gasket cannot be repositioned without damaging the adhesive on the back of the gasket.

 Once the gasket is in place, install the switch or outlet.

 Installations should be inspected periodically for subsequent damage. Any damaged inserts should be replaced using Fireblok IP Holdings fire stop gaskets per the original approved design.

 Fireblok IP Holdings Distributors provides free technical support to assist in product selection and appropriate installation design.

Coming Soon…..

The FireBløk ProStop sub-plate device.

The ProStop will provide contractors with a cost effective, easy to install solution that is far superior to putty pads.

Due to its ease of installation, behind the switch plate in the front of an electrical box, the FireBløk ProStop also provides contractors with an ideal product to retrofit existing construction, whether as a result of a requirement to bring a property up to Code or to replace worn out or defective firestop products. The ProStop is listed for plastic or metal cover plates.

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